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The Beholder

The Beholder

is a hybrid camera/human persona. 

A human with a camera instead of eyes.


The Beholder witnesses movement

and holds that image in their body. 


They are not human, but transhuman. 


“The Beholder” is an artistic project at the intersection of dance, performance, and media arts. It inextricably merges the languages of contemporary dance and video art. While it questions the role and ubiquity of cameras in daily life, performativity and privacy concerns, it is also focused on the experience of the camera operator who wishes for intimacy but because of the nature of the lens cannot achieve it.


Work in Progress

Past showings:

DaCo residency, Toronto (Sept 2023)

Concept by Kayla Jeanson

Dance collaborators: Chrystal Tam, Janelle Hacault

Composer: Dr. Quinn Jacobs

Projection Designer: jaymez

Costume Designer: Rae Fleury

Photos by Stéphane Bourgeois

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