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"Labyrinthitis" explores destabilization, both as an experience in everyday life (as tethered and twisted by our online devices) and in the circumstance of the the inner ear disorder labyrinthitis. Using Youtube's stabilization algorithm, applied to already stable footage, a warped effect is created and layered by applying the effect over and over. The disorienting warping of space is matched by a movement investigation into the medical condition of labyrinthitis, in which inflammation of the inner ear results in vertigo, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, and/or hearing loss. The project unfortunately had to be left partially unrealized due to a change in Youtube's algorithm.

Watch (I) the research material

Watch (II) the video


(I) 2016: Research residency showing, Young Lungs Dance Exchange, Winnipeg/Canada

(II) September 2019 - Inertial Response, Winnipeg/Canada

(II) November 2019 - Full Gestures - Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Winnipeg/Canada

Experimental videos,

(I) 06:45

(II) 05:00

Concept and direction:

Kayla Jeanson

Dance Collaborators:

Brianna Ferguson

Alexandra Winters

Mentor: Freya Olafson

(I) Music by: Chris Zabriskie, Galen Huckins

(II) Music by: Julian Beutal

Filmed by Dylan Baillie, Rylaan Gimby, and Kayla Jeanson

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